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UMRO AYAR: Pakistan’s very first urdu comic book

On Facebook we have been seeing hype of Umru Ayar’s comic book by Kachee Goliyan. And for last one month we all had been waiting to see the art work and the comic, of which the sneak peak had been shared on its Facebook page. For those who know nothing about UMRU AYAR, let me introduce UMRU to them. UMRU AYAR is our (i mean PAKISTAN’s ) NATIONAL SUPER HERO With following qualities


Umru in Today’s World

  1. He is witty, cunning and clever
  2. He loves money and can and will do anything for money. He protects normal people like us by Kicking the asses of the evils who wont let us innocent people O:) live in peace.
  3. Has no super natural powers :s
  4. He has a zambeel…. it’s a magical bag which helps Umru in difficult times… you will know all about it in the comics
Umru From the Past

Umru From the Past

Our Super hero was born in 1990’s when I was just kid. And after all these years I still got excited when heard of Umru Ayar Comics for the first time. We all guys freaked out (in a good way) for having our own comic book and hero. i will appreciate Kachee Goliyan for taking this step of promoting our Language as well has helping underprivileged children who gets a copy of UMRU AYAR COMICS free on each purchase. I will encourage you guys to go purchase, read and share about UMRU AYAR comics. It’s real fun to have your childhood memories back and that too on a national level. I never had realized that Umru was and still is so popular amongst us.

A lot of people are excited and sharing it, i have seen the international excitement from Pakistanis living abroad.

Team of Kachee Goliya

Team of Kachee Goliya

Kachee Goliyan has launched this comic in Karachi and Lahore successfully. And are going to launch it officially in Islamabad Today.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

If you want to stay updated on Umru Ayyar and want to purchase it please follow the below Link

World of Umru

Image courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/WORLDOFUMRU


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